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11/5/18 – New book added to the “Miscellaneous Books” menu and the “Great Apostasy Conspiracy” page:


·         Pennsylvania 40th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury Report on Sexual Abuse in Nominal Catholic Dioceses


WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual references that could not be censored because it would undermine the evidence.


11/5/18 – Renamed and added more correspondence to the following Miscellaneous Article:


·         “Testimony of ‘Apostolic Nuncio’ Carlo Maria Viganò Regarding Apostate Vatican II Church Corruption” renamed “Apostate Archbishop Viganò Exposes Vatican II Church Sex Scandal”


This article is now 35 pages and contains all four of the testimonial writings by Apostate Archbishop Viganò in sequence, as well as the responses by Apostate Antipope Francis I and Apostate Cardinal Marc Ouellet.


10/27/18 – New document added to the “Lives of the Saints” menu, accessed through the “Church Fathers & Other Saints” link on the Sidebar Menu:


·         The Roman Martyrology, by the Catholic Church


The Roman Martyrology contains a list of the martyrs, Church Fathers, and other saints with brief descriptions about many of them.


10/11/18 – New article added to the “Miscellaneous Articles” menu and the “Great Apostasy Conspiracy” page:


·         Testimony of “Apostolic Nuncio” Carlo Maria Viganò Regarding Apostate Vatican II Church Corruption


Although Anti-archbishop Viganò is an apostate, he nevertheless exposes Apostate Antipope Francis I’s deceptive cover-up of the immoral public crimes of Apostate Anticardinal Theodore McCarrick and others like him.


9/30/18 – Archived “What’s New?”entries from 1-3-2017 to 12-30-2017:


·         What’s New Archive 2017 (Zaw15)


9/30/18 – Corrected and renamed the last of the RJMI audio sermons and moved them to RJMI Audio Lectures:


·         Third Sunday in Lent 2006 (renamed “Faith and Works; the Two Kingdoms; Sins Forgiven but Not Remitted During Old Testament”)


·         Second Sunday after Easter 2006 (renamed “Salvation Dogma, Indian Syncretism, and the Destruction of Apostates”)


·         Sixth Sunday after Pentecost 2006 (renamed “Justice between Apostate Jews and Moslems; USA Supports the Israeli Beast”)


·         Seventh Sunday after Pentecost 2007 (renamed “Deathbed Conversions and Raising from the Dead”)


9/30/18 – Deleted “RJMI Audio Sermons” menu from our website. All RJMI audios are now available on the “RJMI Audio Lecture” menu.


8/31/18 – New RJMI video and audio lecture:


·         Mountain Climb in Thanksgiving for the Hellenization Book


This lecture was given in thanksgiving to God for all the graces and help he has given me to complete my book The Hellenization of Christianity by the Anti-Church Fathers and Scholastics. I also give special thanks to the Blessed Virgin Mary; St. Joseph, Patron of the Holy Catholic Church; the Good St. Anne, Grandmother of God; and St. Gabriel the Archangel. While I was writing the Hellenization book, I vowed to God that on the day when this book would finally be completed and published on our website I would climb Turtle Mountain, the highest peak of the local mountain range I see every morning from my house. For having completed a monstrous mountain of a book, I would climb a physical mountain and would dance on the top of it. The Hellenization book was published on my website on 7/26/2018, the Feast Day of the Good St. Anne, the same day I climbed Turtle Mountain in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. This lecture documents that journey, but most importantly our miraculous journey back.


7/26/18 – New RJMI book:


·         The Hellenization of Christianity by the Anti-Church Fathers
and Scholastics


This is one of the most important and necessary books I have ever written. I have been working on it for many years. The most dangerous and corrupting influence upon the Catholic Church and Catholic faith was and still is the Hellenization of Christianity, which is the root cause of the Great Apostasy. This book teaches what the Hellenization of Christianity is and how Christianity was Hellenized first by the anti-Church Fathers and then by the scholastics and other humanists. Humanists is another name for Hellenizers; that is, men who glorify philosophy or mythology (also known as the classics). This book covers the period of time from Pentecost Day in AD 33 until the 14th century, with some evidence after that. For more complete evidence of the Hellenization of Christianity from the 15th century onward, see RJMI books The Great Apostasy and The Desecration of Catholic Places.


Many of the chapters in this book were posted on my website as books but are now chapters in this book. Additions and revisions have been made to them. The most additions were made to the chapter “The Stoic and Epicurean Philosophies.” This book also contains many chapters that have not been published until now.


I published this book on my website this day in honor of the Good Saint Anne, mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and grandmother of God, whose feast day is today. I pray to her daily to protect the mission God has given me and that the work God has given me will be first and foremost infallible and then impeccable. I do not mean infallible in the way a pope makes things infallible, but free from all errors regarding faith, morals, and discipline so that others may become un-confused and sound in the Catholic faith and morals and the next true pope’s job will be made very easy, as all the hard work in restoring the Catholic Church and faith will have already been done.


7/24/18 – New RJMI video and audio lecture:


·         The Proper Way to Protest an LGBT Parade


Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, my current hometown, had escaped the plague of LGBT (lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgenders) parades until this year on 6/16/2018. This was the first year that they dared march in public and flaunt their gross perversions. While we in Mary’s Little Remnant cannot protest all of these parades in the world, we were bound to protest this one because it was encroaching upon our Catholic camp, the only home of the Catholic Church in these Final Days. Not only Catholics but all men of good will who condemn these sins and sinners should protest against these parades or else the plague will continue to spread like wildfire, as it already has. Proper protests can stifle their successes and cause them to lose ground. Hence this lecture, which is a record of our protest, is a guide to others so that they may know the proper way to protest LGBT parades. And it also shows the improper way that the Protestant churches in our town responded. Most did not respond at all (the local apostate nominal Catholic Church was deadly silent); and those that did respond, did so improperly. They did not even call it a protest but simply a “March for Jesus.” And they did not condemn the sins and sinners and call them to conversion and thus condoned them and even ate with them after the parade. Hence they supported the LGBT parade by sins of omission and association. However, they did condemn our protest!


7/12/18 – New video added to the “General” section of the Zionism Conspiracy page:


·         The History of the Jews and the Mob, as told by Myron Sugerman


Myron Sugerman, known as the “Last Jewish Gangster,” describes the Jewish mafia’s role in fighting anti-Semitism in the 1930’s and the crucial role the Jewish mob played in arming the infant Jewish State.


6/22/18 – Corrections and revisions made to RJMI video and audio lectures:


·         The Second Coming of Jesus Christ


·         The Second Coming of the Messias


A new introduction has been added to both lectures which reflects my current position and describes the revisions made to these lectures.                      


6/16/18 – New RJMI article:


·         The Blasphemous Antichrist Play “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told”


5/26/18 – New pictures from 2018 added to “Picture Gallery of MLR Good Sixth Weekday Processions” on the “Pictures” menu.


5/26/18 – Corrected and renamed RJMI audio sermons and moved them to RJMI Audio Lectures:


·         Sexagesima Sunday 2006 (renamed “Catholics Will Be Persecuted and Hated”)


·         Seventh Sunday after Pentecost 2006 (renamed “Jesus is God and Man, On Unbelief, and the Bad Fruit of Evildoers”)


·         Fourth Sunday after Easter 2007 (renamed “Reality of Hell, So-Called Jewish Holocaust Nothing Compared to Eternal Hell”)


·         Feast of the Assumption 2007 (renamed “Opinions on the Assumption of Mary”)


·         Fourth Sunday in Advent 2007 (renamed “Men Must Make Just Judgments, Obey God’s Commandments, and Overcome Human Respect”)


·         Easter Monday 2008 (renamed “Jesus’ Sufferings in the Garden of Gethsemane”)


·         Third Sunday after Easter 2008 (renamed “Saint Augustine against Non-Judgmentalism”)    


·         Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost 2008 (renamed “Old Covenant Was Preparation for the New Covenant”)


·         Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost 2008 (renamed “How God Punishes Apostate Catholics and Apostate Jews”)


·         Assumption of the Virgin Mary 2009 (renamed “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is Necessary for Salvation”)


5/10/18 – New RJMI video, audio lecture, and article:


·         Erroneous or Improbable Opinions Regarding Mary Magdalen and Mary of Bethany


This lecture exposes the numerous erroneous and improbable opinions, as well as unfounded rash judgments, regarding St. Mary Magdalen and St. Mary of Bethany, two holy women mentioned throughout the four Gospels. It follows the general outline of the RJMI article Erroneous or Improbable Opinions Regarding Mary Magdalen and Mary of Bethany but contains extra comments.


3/10/18 – New documentary added to the Mental Illness Conspiracy page:


·         The Hidden Enemy: Inside Psychiatry’s Covert Agenda (by CCHR, 2013)


3/6/18 – New page added to the Conspiracy menu:


·         Mental Illness Conspiracy


New video documentaries added to this page:


·         Making a Killing (by CCHR, 2000)


·         Psychiatry: An Industry of Death (by CCHR, 2006)


RJMI items relating to mental illness (spiritual ills), psychiatry, and psychiatrists have also been added to this conspiracy page.


2/24/18 – Replaced RJMI article Modesty Rules for Women with a new RJMI article:


·         Modesty Rules for Men and Women


2/24/18 – Corrected and renamed RJMI audio sermons and moved them to RJMI Audio Lectures:


·         Third Sunday after Pentecost 2006 (renamed “Against Pharisaical Self-Righteousness, Condescension, and on Evangelization”)


·         Second Sunday in Advent 2007 (renamed “On Borrowing, Lending, and the Catholic Obligation to Tithe”)


·         Palm Sunday 2008 (renamed “Most Men Are Fickle Hypocrites”)


·         Fourth Sunday after Pentecost 2008 (renamed “Just Oppression of the Apostate Jews and the Trial by Fire for Catholics”)


·         Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2008 (renamed “On Confession, Martyrdom, Vocations, and the Proper Posture for Prayer”)


·         Third Sunday after Epiphany 2009 (renamed “Saint Cyprian on Jealousy and Envy”)


·         Fourth Sunday in Lent 2009 (renamed “Saint Cyprian on His Conversion from Paganism”)    


·         Ascension Thursday 2009 (renamed “Canada’s Hate Crime Law Bans Just Criticism and Promotes True Hate Crimes Against God”)


2/15/18 – New RJMI article:


·         Sequence of Christmas Season Events


2/10/18 – Corrected and renamed RJMI audio sermons and moved them to RJMI Audio Lectures:


·         Third Sunday after Epiphany 2006 (renamed “Catholics Will Be Persecuted, Few Are Saved, the Great Apostasy, and More”)


·         Trinity Sunday 2006 (renamed “Intellectual Pride Leads to Denial of Dogmas”)


·         Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost 2006 (renamed “Catholics Must Have the Spirit of Martyrdom”)


·         Second Sunday in Lent 2010 (renamed “Motives for Fasting, on Denouncing Heretics, and on Slavery”)


·         Fourth Sunday in Lent 2010 (renamed “Pope St. Leo the Great on Perfection and the Broad Road That Leads to Hell”)


1/27/18 – New RJMI video, audio lecture, and article:


·         Biblical Proof of Things Men Must Do to Be Saved


This lecture is a summation of many Biblical proofs of things men must do to be saved. It follows the outline of the article Biblical Proof of Things Men Must Do to Be Saved but contains extra comments.



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